It never ceases to amaze me the amount of kindness shown to us at RMHNA by the community. One example of someone who shows a lot of kindness to us is Shelley from Crankpots on Whyte Avenue. Shelley has continuously supported the House, donating painting and ceramics at her studio, participating in our Whyte 2 Red Campaign raising money for the House, and donating gift certificates to her studio among many other things.


I was floored this week when I went to pick up the most recent donation that Shelley has given us to use for silent auction at our upcoming Charity Classic Golf tournament this August. The idea started during our last field trip, when Shelley gave us a plain white vase and some different coloured paints. I took the vase back to the House, had each House Hero paint their thumbprint on it and provided her with our logo before dropping it back off at the Crankpots studio. Shelley worked her magic on the vase, bringing each thumbprint to life as a different animal or insect. Together, they created a work of art that has the heart of our House in it and that will help raise funds to keep our House running.

We very much appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this one of a kind donation, Shelley. Thank you once again for lifting us.