Kindness is a universal language: it can be felt, heard and seen in any culture among all mankind. Kindness shows itself in some of life’s darkest times and is often the glimmer of light that gives hope to those feeling a sense of hopelessness, gives love to those feeling empty and gives a virtual hug to those who need it most.

Kindness is felt by those it touches both directly and indirectly, and on Tuesday, June 7, Kev’s Kids, Grande Prairie’s Rock 97.7’s children’s charity, extended its kindness to RMHCNA.

Kev’s Kids helps so many Peace Region families each year as they support children and families seeking support and often these are families who ‘fall through the cracks’. Families who are unable or do not qualify for alternate sources of funding, families who desperately need the help and have no other place to turn.

Kev’s Kids has sponsored a Family Suite at RMHCNA with a $50,000 donation. This donation will continue to support our Peace Region families travelling to Edmonton for medical care. In 2015, Peace Region families spent 3,200 nights at RMHCNA and thanks to Kev’s Kids and their generous support, we will continue to provide Peace Region families that safe place to turn to when dealing with one of life’s most terrifying and traumatic times: the illness of a child.

On behalf of our families, volunteers and staff at RMHCNA, thank you Kev’s Kids for opening your hearts and sharing your kindness with all families with sick or injured children.