The third annual Meals that Mend: Lakeland Holiday Edition generously sponsored by Cenovus took place on Saturday November 26, 2016, in Cold Lake, Alberta. Two of our Lakeland families wanted to share how much joy the meal brought their families: 

“Having spent another wonderful evening with the Meals that Mend: Lakeland Holiday Edition dinner all I can say is the magic in the room was more then seeing Santa. It was the feeling of peace, happiness, and most importantly the health of all these beautiful miracles coming together with the help of an amazing company that shows how much families mean to them. This event is something my family looks forward  to all year long. I can’t begin to thank Cenovus enough for sponsoring this event. The love and care put into this event from the crafts, the volunteers and let’s not forget Santa making my kids faces light up like a Christmas tree. Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart.” -Candace Ducharme, mother to House Hero Chloe 


“In 2010 my family and I spent the Christmas season at the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton while my newborn son Destin had two heart bi-pass surgeries. On Christmas Day we received miraculous news that we were free to go home! Yes, on Christmas Day. Although it was the hardest experience of our lives, we are so blessed that Destin survived through his struggles and that Ronald McDonald House was there for us every step of the way. Every year Christmas holds an even sweeter meaning for my daughter Ava (age 9) and Destin (age 5). The Meals that Mend: Lakeland Holiday Edition sponsored by Cenovus lights up our lives and is something my children count down the sleeps for. The crafts, feast, presents and volunteers remind us that we are never alone; even through life’s greatest challenges. Thank you Cenovus for another deeply touching event that reaches the hearts and lives of our family and so many others.” -Alice Normand, mother to House Hero Destin

Thank you Cenovus best one