KDM Management came to the House on May 9 and treated our mothers to a day they won’t forget. It was filled with cotton candy, snow cones, love and a little magic!

The children went shopping for their mothers at a special gift station. The gifts were then beautifully wrapped by the KDM staff. They then headed over to another table and made a card to go along with their special gift. Every mother received a rose and every child received a balloon. That was not all! KDM also donated a snow cone machine and a cotton candy machine to the House. Can you say SUGAR RUSH!

The day was filled with many amazing memories. The one that stands out for me was when one of our House mom’s said she had never received a Mothers day gift or a flower before. She broke down in tears and we all cried with her…to top it of she had her nails done that day. She said all of these things were firsts for her and they all happened in one day.

There were many more stories and I could share them all day long, but I think the pictures speak for themselves…it was a magical day!