Hi everyone! My name is Lily and I am nine years old. Today I want to tell you about my experience at RMHCNA. The House was so nice to me and my family. Whenever we are in a hurry to the hospital for an appointment and the shuttle isn’t at the door the office will help us call a taxi. Me and my family arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, in July 2017. We didn’t know just how nice the House was until we got here.

There is everything here for you. There’s even a classroom. It’s also easy to make friends – I made four friends and their names are Gemikalyn, Zadrien, Larx and Alieandro. They are all my best friends……..BFFs! The people that work here are very kind. They say good morning, good afternoon, good evening to us and make sure my family is doing ok!


Yes there is also food. People come volunteer to cook for us. Some people come from restaurants, some people are just volunteers. Can you imagine every day you eat different food from different countries and made by different people? Some people go to the hospital and come back too busy to cook. That’s why the House has volunteers to help out. It makes a big difference to my family.

There’s also BINGO! We play bingo every Wednesday. And of course there is a prize, but first you need to say BINGO!!! Then you get a coupon so that means you get to go to the Magic Room. The Magic Room is where people donate toys, Lego, Barbie’s, games and all of that good stuff. You get to choose one toy, ANY one you want.

Every day in school we start off with 30 minutes reading. Then we have math from 9:30am to 10:00am. Then language arts from 10:00am to 10:30am, a snack break, group activities and then my favorite part, FREE TIME! Warning, only if earned. Sometimes Tyler the teacher and I would go on nature walks and talk about the changes in the seasons. Once we went outside and found leaves and sticks and rocks and made pictures of ourselves with those.

One week we made something called Kindness Rocks. We went outside to find rocks, then we washed them and painted them with different colours. After that we got to write kind words on them, let them dry, and placed them back in our community to spread some happiness and kindness. Hopefully if someone sees our rocks it would make their day a little brighter.

The House is awesome and it feels like home. I will never forget this place!

Lily, RMHCNA House Hero