Starburst took some time out on January 27 to purchase, prepare and serve brunch to families staying at Edmonton’s Ronald McDonald House. We all smelled like eggs and bacon but it was well worth it.


After breakfast was done, Kristi Hammond, Donor Relations Officer at Ronald McDonald House Charities® Northern Alberta, took us on a tour. As a parent of two young children, I was really moved by the good work being done there to support families in the middle of one of the most difficult and emotional experiences one can imagine.

And though our team may have shed some tears during the tour, the families staying there seemed so strong. I think that’s because Ronald McDonald House is helping them cope during a stressful time by contributing a level of normalcy back to their lives. Before we left, I decided that we needed to do a little bit more and let Kristi know Starburst would also be making a financial contribution.


It was a very rewarding morning and I’m very proud of the Starburst team. I would also like to thank Brock Harrison and Kayla Sommer for planning this opportunity for our agency to give back. Each month, a new department takes over the Culture Committee for our agency and organizes social events or outings–this was their suggestion for January and it was a great one.

-Rob Jennings, President & Creative Director of Starburst Creative