Brittany and Branden Juell came to RMHCNA in June 2013 while expecting their second child. Their precious little bundle was going to be born with an abnormal lung growth. On June 20, 2013, Tenley was born. The Juell family was sent home to BC knowing that while Tenley was fine for now, she needed to have surgery to remove the mass in five months. The family returned to RMHCNA in November for Tenley’s surgery. The mass was benign and within days Tenley’s lungs began to heal!

As the second anniversary of Tenley’s surgery approached, Brittany and Branden wanted to do something to contribute to the House they called home for nearly one month. Brittany started a fundraiser through her business, Dash By B Boutique, and collected money to help other families at the House. Brittany and Branden brought Tenley and her older brother Reese to Edmonton for some family fun and to drop off their donation in February. In total the Juell family raised $2,200 for RMHCNA families!