When I give a tour of RMHNA, I often say that our House is brimming with perspective. Having a tough day? It won’t seem too tough after chatting with a family and hearing about their day fighting for their child’s life. Feeling stressed? Guaranteed a little perspective from a family will help your personal stress decrease. Perspective is powerful and we see it every day. There are moments when perspective blows us away. As I passed through our kitchens, I visited with House mom Alexis who was drawing medication for her daughter Izzy. Izzy turned one in February and mom Alexis is her living liver donor. We love seeing Izzy’s bright blue eyes and sweet smiles as she has spent over 100 days with us. 1web Except for her NG tube, she looks like a typical healthy and happy one-year-old. It’s easy to forget the intense medical side of her journey – until you see the table filled with medicine and mom preparing for only a two-day supply. Perspective. 2web In another part of the kitchen, I visited with House Hero Allora’s family. Allora just turned two and is fighting neuroblastoma. 7web Her father was using the juicer that was recently donated to the House by Glow Juicery. Her parents had researched the best fruits and vegetables for kids fighting cancer and decided on broccoli, asparagus, carrots and apples. 4web Her mother shared that one of the regrets that many other families have shared with her is that they didn’t make better nutritional decisions for their little ones sooner. 5web As a parent, when your child has zero appetite and craves only unhealthy foods because of their treatments, you will understandably give them whatever they will eat. Allora can now receive healthy, vitamin-packed juice through her NG tube which will help strengthen her body to fight the cancer. Perspective.