Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a Development Officer-in-Training at RMHNA. My favourite program is the Pop Tab program. The Pop Tab program at RMHNA is so simple and fun that we encourage volunteers of all ages to participate. I recruit everyone I know and everyone I see. People call, email or give me their pop tabs whenever they see me. The pop tabs go to RMHNA and raise funds for the House. After Block Party, RMHNA is now one of my favourite places. When asked what I wanted to do next time we come to Edmonton, I said play with the kids at RMHNA.

I collect pop tabs everywhere we go. We were at the Grande Prairie Stompede a couple months ago. My mom turned around and I was gone. She found me crawling on the floor pulling tabs off of people’s drinks.

To learn more about the program in the Peace Region and how you can get involved, contact Alex and her mother Megan at 780-831-4366 or