Lakeland Fuel Program

“We received our gift card from Cenovus for our 3-day medical trip which meant more to us than a few tanks of gas. It was the gift of freedom – freedom to get to the appointments we needed, and freedom from the worry of money. It’s a little like they brought the hospital to us.” -Rebecca Watton, mother of Oksanah, who received two heart transplants.

About the Program

The Lakeland Fuel Program makes sure that travel is one less worry for families with seriously ill or injured children.

Because of Cenovus, families traveling from the Lakeland Region to Edmonton for their child’s medical treatment will have access to $100 gas gift cards to ease the financial burden of their journey.

How it Works

To qualify for this program, families must:

  1. Have stayed at the House or used one of the RMHCNA hotel partners;
  2. Provide proof of a medical appointment in Edmonton;
  3. Schedule a pick up during business hours (9a.m. to 5p.m.) or provide the above information to Oreen Skiba 2-3 weeks before your appointment so gas gift cards can be mailed out.

If you have any questions, contact Oreen Skiba at or 780-217-6020.

Support from Cenovus

Recognizing a bigger and bigger demand for gas gift cards, Cenovus Energy Inc. stood up to the plate to sponsor the Lakeland Fuel Program, ensuring its sustainability.

“It makes us happy to know that we are contributing to the well-being of families from around Alberta while an ill child is receiving treatment, which of course is a very difficult and stressful time”, says Leanne Courchesne, Group Lead of Community Investment for Cenovus Energy Inc.


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