Meals That Mend

About the Program

Meals that Mend provides a comforting meal for RMHCNA families when they need it the most. Participants gather a group of friends or family to prepare brunch, lunch, or dinner for all families at the House.

Book Your Meal

How it Works

  1. Book your meal date.
  2. Read the Meals That Mend Planning Package.
  3. Gather a group of up to 10 people.
  4. Bring in ingredients and prepare a meal of your choice (enough for about 40-60 people).
  5. Enjoy the meal with your new RMHCNA family and tour the House.
  6. Clean up.

Donate a Meal

When you donate a meal all meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking required for the meal will be done by our staff or volunteers.

Donate a Meal

“You need to refuel and have the energy to get through the journey. The Meals That Mend volunteers make that happen.” -Descia Biddlecombe, mother to House Hero Cadoc.

All food, except for purchased items or food from commercial kitchens, must be prepared at the House as many of our children have compromised immune systems.

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