In December 2013, we started to set the stage for our Project Kindness campaign by calling on some of our House friends and our House Heroes to help us put a Kindness Patrol in motion. Our friend Scott Weller came to RMHNA and waited in the Magic Room for a call via FaceTime. Meanwhile, Kristi our Story Coordinator was at Stollery Children’s Hospital, joined by Harrison, Kristy and Kane Wolfe. Kristy Wolfe is one of our volunteer photographers who provide a photo service to our families while in hospital. Her baby boy, Kane had just come through a successful open heart surgery and their family was excited to be a part of our Kindness Patrol.

Kristi, her children and the House friends formed a Kindness Patrol. It was fitting that Baby Kane was dressed in a Superman costume, complete with cape: he was about to become an RMHNA Kindness Patrol Superhero! Three of our House Heroes were visited in their hospital rooms and asked if they would participate in our kindness adventure. Their mission, if they chose to accept it, would be to virtually visit the Magic Room at RMHNA via FaceTime and select an item from the shelves – for one of their friends in hospital!


Our first visit was to Kyler. For those who have met Kyler, you know that he is always up for an adventure! He was immediately on board and chose to select a toy for his hospital roommate, a little boy whose family stayed at RMHNA before becoming permanent residents of Edmonton to support their son’s ongoing care.

Next was a visit to House Hero Elise. She wasn’t having a great day so her nurse Jill took her place in selecting a toy. Elise chose to have a toy selected for one of the babies staying on her unit.


Our last House Hero was Baby Kane. His parents decided to select a toy for the baby who had been beside them in the PICU.

Scott Weller and his assistant Owen received all the FaceTime calls in the Magic Room at RMHNA and showcased the shelves to each House Hero in the hospital until just the right item was selected. They then packed up the toys and met us at the doors of the hospital to begin sharing kindness.

What FUN to drop off the gifts! Our Kindness Patrol delivered the toys that had been carefully selected by RMHNA House Heroes. We were greeted with many smiles and a few tears. These moments brought fuller hearts to all involved.


As we pondered kindness afterwards, that was the day’s biggest lesson: spreading kindness always results in the expansion of hearts.

We know this is true at RMHNA. We see it every day: every time a group comes in for a Home for Dinner with our families, every time we welcome volunteers through our doors, every time one of our House parent gives a hug and smile to another who has had a tough day. We see kindness every day and want to share that kindness with the community.