This year, the RBC Canadian Open Golf Tournament has launched an exciting new online competition: #Golf4Kids. PGA and Team RBC golfer David Hearn has chosen to compete in the contest on behalf of RMHC Canada. That’s all of the Houses in Canada including Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta.

How it Works:

  • Each golfer in the tournament and their children’s charity of choice are assigned a hashtag to be used on Twitter and Instagram. Our hashtag is #RBCHearn
  • Each time the hashtag is used or retweeted, David Hearn’s ball on the website gets closer to the pin and RMHC Canada gets closer to receiving the grand prize of $125, 000
  • The hashtag counts on Twitter and Instagram, but you can alsovote on the website
  • The contest ends July 27th on the final day of the Canadian Open

How You Can Help:

  • Use #RBCHearn on Twitter and Instagram as much as you can and encourage others to do the same! You can also retweet others that have used the hashtag or you can vote online

Happy Hashtagging!