Rejuvenate Program

The Rejuvenate Program provides families with opportunities for self-care and relaxation. A range of free services such as massages, manicures and haircuts are frequently offered at the House and families are encouraged to sign up on the board outside the classroom door.

Time for You

KDM Management Inc. is an incredible supporter of the House here in Edmonton. They heard about the Rejuvenation Program and realized we only had our classroom to deliver self-care services to families. Although we were making do – KDM wanted to do more. After months of development – on September 22, 2016, we opened the doors to Time for You by KDM.

Fitness Room

Apple Fitness has generously donated all of the equipment in our Fitness Room, which ensures that families can keep up with their fitness routines. The Fitness Room is available to families 24 hours a fitness

Juice with Love

Organic Box and Glow Juicery have teamed up to launch a juicing program for our families. The goal of the program is to provide healthy raw juice to families staying at RMHCNA.

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