I’m often asked what room is my favorite at RMHCNA. We have some amazing special rooms here, but my answer is always our Quilt Room. I have so many reasons why this room is my favorite but here is a recent one.

The Jasper Place High School grade 11 fashion studies students came to the House with their arms filled with beautiful new quilts that they made with love for our families. These quilts were made as part of a project given by their amazing teacher Cheryl Boos. I instantly felt moved and teary as I listened to each student filled with pride share with me their quilt making story and why they chose the pattern or how they stitched it. They were even able to locate some beautiful McDonald’s fabric for some of the quilts.

It’s my wish that all of the programming for our families is a memory stored in their quilts when then go home. I hope they look at the quilts and remember the meals, shuttle rides, field trips and the amazing volunteers. As they wrap themselves in the quilts that were made with love, they remember that they always have a home at our House.

Thank you to each and every quilt maker that makes the Quilt Room possible and to Jasper Place High School for creating such beautiful gifts for our families.