Chris Scheetz, a local radio personality, is incredibly supportive and involved in his community. His history of kindness at RMHCNA is filled with efforts through his role at 103.9 CISN Country and his personal life, which has created awareness and support for our mission.

Chris is a very proud and hands-on dad. Fatherhood has been the focus of many on-air conversations in his expansive career. His listeners have grown to know his children, Baillie and Carter, through their frequent guest appearances on CISN and admire Chris’ joy in being a dad. Chris wanted to do something special for the dads at RMHCNA, so he organized a family fishing trip, which he and his son do regularly.

He planned an entire day of family fun at Pigeon Lake with transportation from his Scheetz Kool Bus, guided fishing boats and tackle donated by Barry J’s & Rainbow Marine, The Fishing Hole and Get Hooked Fishing. His family also wanted to BBQ for the families. Mike Sobel from Global Edmonton was excited to accompany the outing to share the story with his viewers.

On the Friday evening, Mike was going over his weather notes and alerted Chris to a hot weather warning issued for the day of the fishing trip. The wind let out of Chris’ sails as he realized that he couldn’t share one of his favourite fatherhood pastimes.

We decided to make lemonade from lemons and disappointment quickly turned to excitement for a new field trip.

Chris and his group arrived at RMHCNA on Sunday in the Scheetz Kool Bus. House families headed to the Magic Room and chose gifts to deliver to House Heroes in the hospital who couldn’t join in. Families at the hospital came to the bus and enjoyed refreshments (lemonade of course) and time with Chris’ group.

The newly named Scheetz Magic Kool Bus then drove the RMHCNA group to Spruce Grove. With a little assistance from the big hearts at the Landmark Cinema, families escaped for hours of fun to watch the latest Disney hit Inside Out. There was popcorn, treats, laughter, tears and air conditioning. We even had one of our Spruce Grove champions, Barb Livingston from McDonald’s, bring her family to join us.

Our RMHCNA families escaped their medical journeys for an afternoon. We were reminded that even when life hands us lemons, we have incredible community heroes who are ready to make lemonade at a moment’s notice.