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On Friday, my students and I had the opportunity to Skype with Matt Woodard, the Director of Operations at RMH Houston, and Leslie Bourne, their CEO. This all started because I really wanted to connect with another House that had a school. When Helen, our Director of Family & Volunteer Services, reached out on the RMH networking site, they responded right away.

Matt gave us a virtual tour of their House. We started in their school, which was surprisingly similar to ours in size and number of students. The only real difference was that all of their students have to do an online distance learning program through the government, as their school is accredited. We also got to meet Mogie (the famous goldendoodle from that has a book written about him!) and the kids were thrilled about that. After seeing the rest of their incredible House with 50 rooms, it was our turn to give a tour. Bella loved being the one to hold the phone and show Matt and Leslie around while we went around the House. They were impressed with our House and had lots of questions about Block Party and our other programs.

It was a really great experience to feel such a great connection to a House so far away, and we all happily agreed that this is only the first of many more Skype connections to come!