This week we met up with some of the kids from Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta for a field trip with Edmonton Fire Rescue Fire Hall 5. From checking out the trucks to the weight room, from the canteen to the hoses (for maybe just a moment or two), we’re pretty sure that everyone, big and small, had a fantastic time!




Elliot Erwitt said, “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” We think these pictures say it better than we can, so enjoy…




“Snapshots are stills of life in motion capturing moments in time.” -Unknown

It’s in these unrehearsed and seemingly insignificant moments where the magic happens. Kids are kids no matter their age. When there’s water, fire trucks and truly great firefighters involved, memories are made. And really, at the end of it all, we all remember the moments and how they made us feel.

Thanks Station 5 for the great moments and the amazing memories!