Solivio Family

Lorie and Ronel Solivio were both Assistant Managers at McDonald’s restaurants in Regina, Saskatchewan. Little did they know that when they prepared for six McHappy Days, their journey would depend on a Ronald McDonald House.

The couple met through McDonald’s in 2009, and were married in 2013. They welcomed their first son Owen on May 18, 2013, and looked forward to the arrival of their second child in April of 2015. On December 1, 2014, an ultrasound showed they baby’s heart had multiple congenital heart defects, including a condition where all of the heart’s chambers and arteries are reversed.

They arrived at Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Alberta (RMHCNA) on April 1, 2015, to await the arrival of their baby. Yuri was born on April 15, 2015, and began his complicated journey. The Solivio family loves the Meals that Mend and Shuttle programs, which alleviated significant pressures for the family.

Owen is an active, outgoing toddler who is constantly making friends at the House. Learning how to play in such a warm atmosphere has made being away from home easier for Owen.

Though their lives are still in Regina, the family has formed new lifelong friendships with other families at RMHCNA. They are grateful for the easy connection that binds House families together.

The road ahead for Yuri and the Solivio family is still uncertain. In the meantime, they know in their hearts that there is always good to be found in the bad.

Lorie and Ronel look forward to returning to their roles at McDonald’s, and they know that they will have a different appreciation for McHappy Day and the fundraisers that McDonald’s holds in support of Ronald McDonald Houses across the country.

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