The Campbell Family

Isabelle Campbell is known to everyone as Izzy, a spunky House Hero who keeps up with her older brother Sid. But what many people do not know is that Izzy began her fight with a rare liver disease right from birth. She was diagnosed with biliary atresia, which causes problems and eventually failure liver failure. At two months old, Izzy had surgery to prolong her liver, but it did not take.

When she was 11 months old, Izzy had a bleed and was transported by air ambulance from Regina to Edmonton where doctors stopped the bleed after several scopes, scans, and tests. She recovered fairly well, but that left the Campbell family with only one option: a liver transplant. Two months later Izzy had a transplant from a living donor very close to home, her mother Alexis.

While Izzy and Alexis were both recovering from their procedures, they called Ronald McDonald Charities® Northern Alberta home. Joined by Dillon and Sidney, Izzy’s dad and brother, the Campbell family stayed at RMHCNA for almost six months. During that time they leaned on our programming to make life away from home a bit easier.

“Not only did we have a place to sleep at RMHCNA, but we met amazing lifelong friends, had delicious meals cooked for us, and had a place for our family to get away from the hospital life,” says Alexis. Even though they were away from home, the Campbells had everything they needed to feel like a family at RMHCNA.

House programming like field trips, crafts, and game nights kept Sid’s schedule full of fun, and made it easier for Alexis and Dillon. They knew that Sid was in good hands, and they could focus on their daughter’s healing. At the House they learned that a family is not always something you are born into, but the people that are there for you when you need them the most.

After a few minor bumps along the way, Izzy and Alexis are back at home in Saskatchewan and are both doing amazing.

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