The Gorgichuk Family

The Gorgichuk family arrived at Ronald McDonald House Charities® Northern Alberta in early July, 2013. Parents Terry and Carmen, along with older brothers Kian and Noah, came to support 12-year-old Conor as he underwent kidney transplant surgery. On July 17, Conor received a healthy new kidney to replace his two unhealthy kidneys. His father Terry was Conor’s living donor. With two members of the Gorgichuk family receiving major surgery in one day, you can imagine what a stressful time it was.

Both surgeries were a success. Within 12 hours post-surgery, Conor’s high creatine levels returned within normal range. Terry was discharged from hospital about a week after surgery and Conor followed a short time later, after reactions to his medications were sorted. He says that these days felt very hopeless.

Though he is still, and will always be, dependent on medications to regain and maintain his health, Conor is enjoying a new lease on life. He literally tastes true flavours of foods for the first time. Before surgery, he had little to no appetite as food tasted metallic; now Conor is enjoying food from a new perspective.

Conor is an avid soccer player and can hardly wait to play again. When asked what brings him hope since his surgery, Conor replied that having had his whole family with him through the surgery process and afterwards kept his hope alive and made a huge difference.

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