Oreen, the RMHNA Manager of Development in the Lakeland Region, would like to share a letter from two incredible supporters of the House:


My husband Ben and I spent most of our lives living in Edmonton. Before becoming involved with McDonald’s® Restaurants nearly seven years ago, we both were familiar with RMHNA, but had never met anyone who had used it.

Acquiring our restaurants meant relocating our family (ourselves and two daughters, now 19 and 17) to Cold Lake. Three years ago, my husband Ben became ill and was airlifted from Cold Lake to Edmonton for emergency surgery. Not only were we thankful for the amazing medical care that he received at the Mazankowski, we were also grateful for a familiar bed to sleep in at the end of an emotional day and grateful to be in a familiar city.

When Ben was in the hospital and was resting, I would go for walks with my dog. One day I decided to walk to RMHNA. I had heard so much about it in recent years and how it had grown, but hadn’t visited.  I recall feeling emotional just seeing it and knowing that the families inside were from far away, facing challenges bigger than mine and in an unfamiliar city, separated from spouses and other children who longed for them back home.

During the months following Ben’s surgery, we were privileged to meet a few families from Cold Lake. They shared their stories of how they stayed at RMHNA and said, “There’s no way we could ever pay back what they did for us.”

Our family is thankful and proud to become involved with RMHNA in the Cold Lake/Lakeland region. We are excited at the benefits our community will bring to an organization we believe in.

Written by Megan Land