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At the Ronald McDonald House®, we strive to create normalcy for children going through some pretty abnormal experiences. Chemotherapy, blood transfusions and dialysis are not part of the average child’s vocabulary. So we do our best to let the kids just be kids. What better way to do that in Edmonton than arrange a game of street hockey? Thanks to our friends at Sport Central, we now have the equipment to play hockey, soccer, baseball and basketball with our education and recreation program.

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We threw all our sticks at centre ice, or the middle of the RMHNA courtyard, and team captains selected their players. The kids pretended to be their favourite NHL stars and raced up and down the yard. I can’t quite remember who won the game, but I’ll never forget the look on the parent’s faces as they looked on from the sidelines.

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If you’d like to volunteer as a group and arrange an activity with the kids, please contact Leslie at 780-439-5437 ext. 203 or email her at