Sean and I were the lucky recipients of a pair of Oiler’s tickets for March 20, and we had a fabulous time at our first – and let’s face it, likely only – Oilers hockey game!

Having a sick child takes many different forms, and even though some paths are similar, we all have separate journeys as families. The one similarity we all share is the stress of caring for and about a child who is sick, or disabled, or both, and those stresses transcend just a moment or illness to penetrate everyday and every-moment life, forever. It changes our reality and our perceptions in ways that are impossible to express. It also changes our priorities.

Sean at his first Edmonton Oilers game.

That is why this was our first ever Oilers hockey game, and why it is very likely our only Oilers hockey game. I have dreamed of watching the Oilers play in person ever since I was a young girl and watching them on TV with my parents. That was back in the 80’s when they were winning Stanley Cups year after year. Due to an extremely generous donation of absolutely AMAZING seats, my son and I were able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime event together, and after all these past weeks of worry, stress, and work to get him healthy again, it is such a glorious memory we will always have.

Jennifer and Sean’s view at Rogers Place.

-Jennifer, mother to House Hero Sean