As a Mom of two little boys working at RMHNA the impact our community has on our families is so poignant. I see the tired parents warmed by the meals prepared. I get to be part of the excitement when a child takes a toy from the magic room. Right now though our families need diapers.

Diapers, diaper cream, wipes. It’s such a basic need, one I sometimes forget about. I recall the late nights when my children would wake up, going into their rooms and the smell of the diaper cream and treasuring those moments. I didn’t consider the financial cost. That every diaper change, unavoidable, was an expense. Frequently our families cannot afford that expense.

Right now at our House our families are in need of diapers of all sizes, diaper cream, and wipes. Lets help make the treasured memories with our children just that, and not an added stress.