Since 1985 the House has been a place of comfort and compassion for families journeying through the illness of a child. In those 30+ years we’ve heard amazing stories of families leaning on each other for support, donors who keep our doors open, volunteers who champion our programs, and staff members who channel their passion for helping people into sustaining RMHCNA. Well, now there’s a place where you can share your RMHCNA story.

Dear RMHCNA is a place where you can share your connection to the House through a written story or a video. You can also read hundreds of stories from supporters just like you, and interact with the House on Twitter using @RMHCNA and the hashtag #DearRMHCNA.

Together these stories make up the past, present, and future of the House. They inspire more and more people to get involved with the House, growing our army of kindness.

Here are a few stories to inspire you, and we hope to see you on Dear RMHCNA soon!