Greys Paper Recycling is a global leader in recycling and environmental conservation, and Edmonton is the only city in the world, at present, that offers their ground-breaking technology. Through a patented process, recyclable paper products are combined with cotton fibres to produce 100% recycled paper. This one plant saves over 350,000 trees per year!

RMHNA receives a monthly paper donation as well as donated monthly recycling collection through our new partnership with Greys. This partnership saves the House the cost of the paper and service, and also allows our House and families to decrease our carbon footprint.

Education & Recreation Coordinator, Megan shares:

When I first told the kids we were going to a paper recycling plant for our field trip, I told them how cool it was going to be to be able to visit a factory like the ones we see on “How it’s Made”. As soon as one of my students heard that, he was over the moon as that is one of his favourite shows. With the kids loaded up and ready to go in the House van, their excitement was almost tangible. When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed at Greys and began the very interesting and engaging tour of their remarkable facility. The kids loved seeing the big machines at work and learning about how old paper is recycled to make new paper.

One thing I found really interesting was that the plant wastes minimal water, heat and energy in the process by recycling these things as well. The coolest connection of all was when the House Heroes got to use Grey’s paper at the end of the tour to make their own paper origami which they got to keep. It was also a neat “aha” moment for the kids when we got back to the House and I was able to point out to them that the paper we recycle here at the House goes to that factory and comes back to us as the new paper we use every day here!


Story & Special Projects Coordinator, Kristi shares:

A field trip was a fantastic way to celebrate a new partnership! What an eye opener to see what was once ‘trash’ become beautiful 100% recycled paper. The meaning behind this partnership was not lost on me: this amazing paper leaves the world a better place for our House Heroes. This is the same paper on which our House thank-you letters, partnership agreements and family log forms will be printed.

Watching the incredible origami pieces be folded and created, led by our Stewardship Officer Sae Shigeto, was also very meaningful. One of the Greys sales team, Julian, joined in with gusto, meticulously engaging his creative side to create beautiful origami flowers and butterflies, using Greys 100% recycled paper.


Thank you Greys Paper Recycling for welcoming us so warmly for our field trip and for your generous partnership. Thank you for sharing your technology that will serve to make RMHNA and our Edmonton community better stewards of the Earth.