When I began working at the House in October 1997, we had a wee little 12,800 sq. ft. House with sixteen bedrooms all different sizes, compared with the current 42,000 sq. ft., 32 room House. Bathrooms were shared, college residence style, by all families which, as you can imagine, presented a unique set of troubles.


One day I was taking a new family on a House tour and a dad exited one of the bathrooms with a towel wrapped around his waist – and that was all. It was a “Well hi there, how are you doing?” moment with a wink and a nod.

There was only one kitchen, one fridge and one freezer. Four tables with four chairs in the dining area were sufficient for all the families (except on special occasions).

Looking back, there are many many memories of our cozy ‘little’ House that are shared by families who still come here for check ups. They all acknowledge how wonderful everything is now, but with a small place in their heart missing the old.