In December 2010, one of our families was eager to go home for Christmas and they really wanted to track down a Wolf Mountain Playset for their son Jaxin. Jaxin had to wait for an appointment with his doctor on December 20 to review test results. None of us knew what a Wolf Mountain Playset was, so we looked it up. It turned out to be a race track with a wolf head and it was sold out of Walmart and Toys “R” Us. We decided to tweet out our search. The tweet got picked up in New Zealand by someone with the same first name. His name was Jaxin Hall. He was in the Chronicles of Narnia, a clothing designer and was in a rock band. He tweeted the message out to his network.


On December 20, little¬†Jaxin went to his doctor’s appointment and was given green light to go home for Christmas. He was told he had to do a few more things at the hospital and then he was good to go. On December 22, he¬†came to the front office ready to go to the Magic Room. At that moment a package arrived. It said To Jaxin, From Jaxin. And in it was a Wolf Mountain Payset, a number of special T-shirts and a bunch of cards wishing Jaxin all the best. Every moment of every family’s life matters but it takes the community to make that happen. Sometimes our community has stretched as New Zealand.