This week we are celebrating all the wonderful volunteers who share their time and hearts with RMHNA.


Catherine has been volunteering at RMHNA for over a year and a half. If you are a family looking to stay at the House, she is one of the first people you meet. She handles the reservations for families and if the House has no vacancy, she will book hotels for the families.

Catherine began her volunteer work here on a whim. She had heard about RMHNA through various forms of media over the years, and finally came in after much deliberation to volunteer her time for the House. She enjoys the company of family services staff Joan, Kristin and Megan. Catherine likes seeing all of the activity at the House, from new families and happy faces to seeing other people volunteering their time.

Catherine has fond memories of the House, but she likes whenever the families get to go home. Every time she volunteers, Catherine checks the room board for one name: House Hero Joel. When his name wasn’t there anymore, she felt beyond relieved. His name is back now, but Catherine remains optimistic and believes he will be just fine.

In her free time, Catherine enjoys looking after her grandchildren and keeping in touch with her family. She keeps up her house, crafts new gifts for her grandchildren and enjoys reading any works by Philip Yancey, Charles Colson or and Joel C. Rosenberg.