This week we are celebrating all the wonderful volunteers who share their time and hearts with RMHNA.


Peter Tran has been volunteering at RMHNA since September of 2011. He began volunteering because of his other  family member’s involvement with the House. Peter helps in many ways, including office work, playing with the kids, cleaning up and “everything and anything”.

When asked about why he likes to volunteer at RMHNA, Peter says, “It’s laid back, fun, exciting and relaxing.” Peter has fond memories in the House from over the years, including playing hide and seek in the House and almost getting stuck underneath the train set tables.

Peter has many hobbies and interests outside of volunteering including rugby, badminton, running, exercise, playing board games, hanging with friends and being outdoors.

We thank Peter for his years of volunteering at RMHNA, and before we end his spotlight, we would like to share a favorite quote of Peter: “Life is too short to wait”. Thank you Peter for all your wonderful work.