This week we are celebrating all the wonderful volunteers who share their time and hearts with RMHNA.

Allison Secord and Caryn Halstead, also known as the FireGirls, have been volunteering at the House for 18 months.

They heard that the boys from Station 1 on 1 platoon had done a Home for Dinner and their shift decided to check it out with the assistance of Captain Gyepesi, who had done Home for Dinner with Station 1. When the FireGirls were there making dinner, one of their Captains, Captain Ward, noticed someone baking in the other kitchen.  He decided Allison and Caryn should check out baking at the House.

“Well, we bake and we laugh and we create havoc and a mess with the kids.  In our defense, we do help Gail and Ruth with sprinkle clean up and floor dusting on occasion,” says the FireGirls. They continue to participate in Home for Dinners with members of the Department on a regular and ongoing basis and organize quarterly station visits for the kids at the House. Also, every Friday Allison and Caryn write a blog for the RMHNA website.

“As mothers we appreciate how valuable a few minutes of ‘me time’ is so we love to be able to provide that to the parents by baking with the kids. Watching the kids accomplish baking tasks like successfully cracking an egg or hearing them tell us their thoughts on life is amazing. Some how you just can’t beat the honesty of a child.”

One of their favourite House memories is  taking Kyler to the Firehall. He chose the menu, picking chicken nuggets, french fries and gravy.  The only thing he ate was the gravy. The poor guys at the station ate chicken nuggets and fries, no gravy ‘cause Kyler had that.

For more from the FireGirls, check out the blog every Friday.