Michael McDonald began volunteering for RMHNA in Grande Prairie during the first Annual Shoot for the House in 2013.

“The owner of the store where I work, Primetime Hunting and Fishing, is a huge supporter of RMHNA. I was privileged to be allowed to help out where I could,” says Michael.

He assisted Megan Durda and Ashley Kobelka in anything that they needed, and volunteered to have his beard and head shaved for donations.

“I spent five years of my life as a firefighter. I saw firsthand the devastation and destruction, the heartache and sorrow that life’s setbacks have for families in times of need. I saw a chance to make a greater difference by helping RMHNA.”

“My favourite memory so far was being blessed enough to help out with the Second Annual Shoot for the House. Greg Durda auctioned off my hair and beard to raise funds for the house. He brought the total from the $2,100 I had raised to over $5,000!”