Volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House® devote a lot of time supporting the House in all of its programs and services. What inspires them to devote their time? Everyone has a different reason whether it’s giving back to the community, making a difference, learning new skills, or building on existing knowledge and credentials.

Kere Sheppard and Taylor Zimmerman are two examples of volunteers who have gone beyond their duties and have truly made the volunteer positions their own.

Kere is the Juice With Love volunteer, who connected with the House through Business Network International. Each week she takes product donated by Glow Juicery and Organic Box, turning it into delicious fresh juice for the families. Taylor will often join her, as they are a couple, and when Kere can’t make a shift Taylor jumps in to help.

The Juice With Love Crew: Kere, Taylor, & House Hero Luke.

Taylor volunteers in his own position assisting our Executive Chef & Program Coordinator by shopping for groceries for Meals That Mend: Lunch Delivery each Monday. Holidays often fall on the Monday, but that doesn’t stop Taylor from making sure that the House has all the needed ingredients for that week’s lunch. Just as Taylor helps out Kere, she will even do the shopping when Taylor can’t make it.

“Kere helped me connect with RMHCNA. I was a child at the Stollery in the past, so I absolutely bond with the kids here and at the hospital,” says Taylor.

For Kere, it’s all about making connections with the House Heroes. She always has a bright smile on her face, and welcomes the littlest of helpers to join her. She truly bonded with House Hero Luke when he was staying at the House. Juicing was his favourite activity, and he was often found at the table closest to the juicer whenever Kere was here. He even taught other House Heroes how to juice, with the supervision of Kere of course.

Juicing with the House Heroes.

Thank you Kere and Taylor for your continued support of the House Heroes and their caregivers.