Jen from City and Baby came to the House and put on a very informative blogging workshop that I was lucky enough to attend. During the workshop she mentioned that interviews are one of the more popular blog post formats. It just so happened as I was walking towards the door ready to go home for the evening that I ran into Sid, a House Hero with a lot of energy… let me repeat, a lot of energy. With him he had two balloons with animals on them, one with a chicken and the other with a sheep. With my new knowledge of blogging I decided to interview young Sid. This is how it went:

Me: Hey Sid, what sound does a chicken make?

Me: What sound does a sheep make?

Sid’s Dad: What does the fox say?
Sid: Baah baah baah baah baah!!

I have no idea what kinds of chicken and sheep Sid has ran into, but I definitely don’t want to meet them. I told Sid’s dad Dylan that I love when Sid gets over-tired because he’s hilarious. Dylan said, “Yeah, but you get to go home at the end of the night!”