Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. What makes one a hero? Is it the cape they wear draped over their shoulders? Is it the badge they proudly wear on their chest? Is it the skates that make them as quick as lightning? Is it the colours they wear on their uniforms? Heroes are plenty in our world and they all possess courage and self-sacrifice. That’s why today I want to send a shout out to every hero at Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta and beyond.

To each and every parent with a sick or injured child, the ones who make sacrifices each and every day to be sure that you are there for your child; the one’s who forego sleep and self care, the ones who feel alone and the ones who don’t, I want you to know that today we celebrate you!

We watch you from afar and sometimes see your tired and weary face and we want you to know that we watch you in awe and wonder. We watch as you care for your children, sick or sibling. We watch as you go about your day and we want to remind you to take care of yourself. Enjoy that cup of coffee, talk to the stranger sitting next to you, lean on others when your legs get weak and take the hand of those walking beside you on this journey! We are a community and, in this community, we take care of each other.