Some of the most powerful words in the world are spoken inside the walls of our Ronald McDonald House every day. Thank you. I love you. I am here. I care. And sometimes they are spoken even more loudly without the use of any words at all… A House mother holds her sick child, calmly infusing her love through her hugs. A house Dad expresses his thanks to the Meals that Mend volunteers for their time in preparing a home cooked dinner for his family; it was the first meal that he took the time to eat today. His stress-lined face and the tear in his eye says an even louder thank you than his words. A volunteer stops at a table where a family is visibly shaken by the stressful hospital events of the day, and stops to lay a hand of comfort on the shoulder of the parents. Thank you. I love you. I am here. I care. Fluently spoken here.